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About Us

The Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Business People’s Association BizNDG is a non-profit merchant association that aims to promote the neighborhood’s business activities.

Our Mission

Mobilize merchants and implement various actions helping to revitalize the commercial arteries of the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce district by improving the commercial offer and promoting economic development.

Our Vision

Make Monkland, Sherbrooke, Somerled, Fielding, Upper Lachine and Saint Jacques streets streets whose quality of life is based on the balance between residential and commercial functions, the presence of café-terraces and the family atmosphere of a community undergoing a transformation marked by its cultural diversity and the presence of a rich heritage and neighborhood activities based on a feeling of belonging open to the development of an active and friendly urban life.

Our Network

With a network of nearly 160 businesses, BizNDG pursues its objective of promoting its member businesses on the commercial arteries of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce in Montreal. With a wide range of products and services, you will find a diversified commercial offer and a unique atmosphere in Montreal.

Our Team

Marc Chriqui

Marc Chriqui

General Manager

Oscar Morales

Oscar Morales

Social media manager

Board of directors

Mehdi Talei -Sainte Bière

Mehdi Talei

Sainte Bière


Paulo Saade

Remorquage Élite

Jean-Pierre Gravel – Local 75 Bistro Pub

Jean-Pierre Gravel

Local 75 Bistro Pub

Patricia Corcos – Club Voyages Selectour

Patricia Corcos

Club Voyages Selectour

Pascal Salzman – Le Cheese

Pascal Salzman

Le Cheese

Jad Tannous

Chiropracticien Chiro Monkland

Diegal Leger – Podiatrie sportive/Clinique du pied léger

Diegal Leger

Podiatrie sportive/Clinique du pied léger


Non voting member



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