Voucher program supports local merchants

A crowdfunding project designed to support local merchants has returned to NDG. The second version of the J’achète NDG initiative, launched by the Notre-Dame-de-Grace Business Association (Biz NDG), is offering vouchers for local businesses with values topped up by a grant from the City of Montreal.

Businesses get a boost to their cashflow, consumers get a boost to their spending power.

For every $20 voucher in purchase the city adds an extra 50%, or $10. You then simply take your $30 voucher to the merchants you specified and redeem it for goods and services. There are 47 merchants listed in the program, which was designed to help small businesses that have struggled during the rough economic times brought on by the pandemic.

You can purchase as many vouchers as you like, but quantities for each merchant are limited and the program runs until April 30, after which vouchers will be emailed to consumers, says Biz NDG project manager Francis Blouin. The socio-financing campaign, using the La Ruche non-profit crowd-funding platform, allows consumers to support and encourage their favorite local businesses and the local economy with a 50% boost to their own spending power. It also makes for a terrific gift.



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